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Keynote Speaker Writer Farm Family Coach

Elaine Froese

Pronunciation Elaine [Phrase]

Feeling overwhelmed with the pressures of a family business that seems stuck? It's your farm. Your business needs a succession plan ...but first you need to talk.

About Elaine Froese

Canada's Farm Whisperer

Elaine Froese is a professional
speaker, writer and farm family
coach who specializes in succession planning. Her expertise is sought after across Canada, and in the U.S.

Elaine helps family businesses talk about the tough issues and act on them. She’s a catalyst for courageous conversations, new scenarios and more profitable businesses. Many of her clients say: “I wish I had met you 10 years ago.”

Seeds of Encouragement

Let's start digging

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Farming's In-Law Factor...

Farming's In-Law Factor...

how to have more harmony and less conflict on family farms.

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